2014 UBNJ Big Buck Contest


- Mens Typical and Non Typical

- Womens Typical and Non Typical

- Youth Typical and Non Typical

- Crossbow Typical and Non typical

- Traditional Bow Typical and Non Typical


- To enter person must have been a UBNJ member in good standing at time of harvest.

- Deer harvested during the fall 2014 & winter 2015 are eligible

- Entry must be accompanied by a field photo of animal and hunter (no bumper carrier or deer hanging alone will be considered)

- All animals must be taken in NJ and by fair chase NO fenced preserve deer will count. All NJ Division laws must been followed.

- Entries must be received by May 1, 2015

- UBNJ will use the total gross P&Y or Northeast Big Buck club score sheet. If you need to have a buck scored we will get you in touch with a scorer.

- All awards will be given out at the following years UBNJ bowhunters game dinner.

Any questions email John Erndl at john.erndl@ubnj.org

Mail all entries to: John Erndl 30W Connecticut Concourse Jackson, NJ 08527

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